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Your lungs detoxification journey

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What we try here, is to -

Considering all this, we performed a small experiment for you to show how severely damaged your lungs might be right now.

Watch and Take a Guess!

A Revolutionary 7-Day Online Lung-Detoxification Journey Designed Exclusively For Smokers, Where you -

Through this
7-day journey of SMOKEACEA

Initiate The Reversal of The Damage Done To Your Lungs Today


NO. The whole world is after you to quit. What they do not understand is that it is the most difficult task for a smoker.
We are sure you will eventually reach there. However, until then we are here to help you
~ Pause further damage.
~ Substantially reverse the damage already caused.
~ Experience what it is to have cleaner lungs.

NO. We are not prescribing any medicines or chemical tonics. This is a 100% natural process. However, at the end of every practice, we only suggest the consumption of certain food items and home-made detox drinks, which are all organic and easily available in your kitchen.


You shall have lifetime access to it!

The program uses a variety of breathwork and other practices as explained in ancient yoga and ayurvedic sciences. Further, we have blended these practices with laws of gravity, principles of physics, fundamentals of vibrations, effects of sound, details of human anatomy and applications of biochemistry.
However, we suggest that rather than running after theoretical attestations or studying hypotheses, you should live through the practical experience of cleaner lungs instead and feel the change.

Some of the practices are not recommended for pregnant women and people suffering from high blood pressure or asthma. In such cases, we will recommend you to not go ahead with the program.

If you follow the program sincerely, you are surely going to feel the changes within.

It is 100% your choice. However, for best results, we recommend you to cut down completely on your cigarette smoking during this week.
If that is too difficult, cut down to at least 50% during this week (you can do so easily by only smoking half the cigarette each time).
Else, cut down to whatever limit you can.

We believe the essentials to quit smoking include reliving your lungs the way they were before your very first cigarette.

Your mind and body have completely forgotten how clean and strong your lungs were before they got damaged from smoking. You have now accepted and become used to a pair of lungs filled with excess mucus, habit of continuous coughing, a body with low energy, fatigue, and low stamina. This has indeed become your new normal. Nicotine has affected your willpower to quit. It is important to develop a strong willpower to change what you’ve accepted.

Let us understand this -
The chemicals you inhaled during smoking have affected your brain cells and weakened your willpower significantly. Hence, despite seeing the horrible pictures on cigarette packs and posters saying “Smoking is Hazardous” or "Smoking is Injurious to Health", you are unable to react towards them. You need an adequate supply of naturally released happy hormones to ensure that you do not seek external stimulants for the same.

This program work in 3 ways - They take you down the memory lane and give you a first-hand feeling of how clean, clear, and fresh your lungs were before your first cigarette. The practices of breathwork and visualisation have a very supreme effect on your brain which will significantly build up your willpower. These practices shall also release a lot of positive and happy hormones which in turn shall reduce your dependency on smoking.

*Please note that we are not running an explicit quit smoking campaign but these practices are designed to subtly take you there. The strength to quit will come to you as a by-product.

Initially, the toxins will be de-solidified, displaced and squeezed out from their settled positions. Further, some of them will be expelled through the air which you forcefully exhale and the others will come out along with the mucus expulsion.

All the practices are absolutely safe for everyone except for pregnant women and people suffering from high blood pressure or asthma. In such cases, we will recommend you to not go ahead with the program.

7 days are good enough. However, on the 8th day, your lungs will themselves demand you to repeat the whole practice and similar will be the demand on all the following weeks. You can happily repeat the entire program as many times as you want and remain in a state of freshness.